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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 17, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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power have accurate information to base their decisions on. and, any time that i have been able to provide something, that i think helps them is something i get great satisfaction out of. >> chris: i asked him what are the big changes in the senate over the past half century and he said jet travel, making it easier to commute from their states and tell advising of the senate starting in 1986 and lots more security. and that's it for today. have a great week, and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." have a great week, and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." ♪ captioning by, closed captioning services, inc.
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. san francisco's archbishop weighs in on this first sunday since the pope announced his resignation. how he and other catholics feel about the church's future. thousands rally in san francisco for climate change, what they want the president do? and history is made in nascar. the race that puts danica patrick in the front row of the daytona 500. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone i'm hearth
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holmes. we begin this sunday with the resignation of pope benedict xvi. the pontiff today delivered one of his last sunday blessings from the vatican. tens of thousands of people packed st. peter's square today to hear the departing pope. next sunday will be the last time the 85-year-old pontiff temperatures will the traditional blessing from his apartment window. the pope announced earlier this month he will retire on february 28th due to failing health. this is a unique and historic moment in the church and bay area catholics are anxiously awaiting a decision on pope a's successor. allie rasmus continue ours coverage interest from st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. >> reporter: heather, right now you can see dozens of people still filing out of st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. necessity were part of a ceremony to welcome new members to the catholic faith, so the people that you seeer are in the process of converting to
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catholicism. can you see some of them taking a picture with the archbishop. today was the first sunday of lent and also the first sunday since pope benedict announced his resignation. as the procession made its way through the pews at sunday mass, some parishioners had the question of new leadership on their minds. pope benedict 16 xvi announce his resignation. >> they have the general congregations and discussions to discern the qualities the next pope needs to have. >> i hope the new pope will have those sort of qualities to teach the faith clearly and well. >> reporter: others hope new leadership will bring new opportunities. >> people are losing faith. bring us back. >> reporter: kandi gonzalez admits today was the first time she had been to
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mass in two years. she was shaken by the allegations of sexual abuse in the catholic church. >> i was hoping that with the new hope thing thats will change. >> i think we have to honestly say there is a crisis of faith in the church. a lot of our people don't understand what it is that the church teaches and really believes in. san francisco archbishop salvatore cordileone hopes that it energynize the faithful. >> this t-would have to be someone who is a unifier. >> reporter: they hope to have a new pope by easter, if not earlier. more details now on the process to choose a new pope of the vatican sets conclave to elect the new pope might start earlier than scheduled. a vatican spokesperson says because the pope has given a firm retirement date of february 28th, that gives cardinals around the world plenty of time to fly to rome
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for the election. the front uners to replace pope benedict include cardinal francis arinze of niagara, cardinal turkson of ghana and cardinal marc ouellet ofand. the coast guard says a ferry was hit by a motorboat. two people were hospitalized and their conditions are not been released. there were 500 people on the ferry, none were injured. golden gate transit spokeswoman says the motorboat was traveling at a high rate of speed at the time of the collision. the cause of the accident is under investigation. an investigation is underway in san francisco after a woman was struck by a muni bus. a spokeswoman for muni says the 72-year-old victim was struck by the side of the vehicle. he says she is expected to survive. the bus driver is undergoing drug and alcohol testing, which
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is standard procedure for accidents. fire investigators say an apartment fire on treasure island that killed a little 10- year-old girl yesterday may have been accidental. flames consumed this two story townhouse on mariner drive at about 12:30 a.m. the family inside managed to escape, except for the girl who became trapped on the second floor. her father and two firefighters tried to save the child, but couldn't reach her in time. investigators are still trying to determine the exact cause of this blaze. it was billed as the largest one-day climate change rally in history. with 35,000 people expected to participate across the country, san francisco joined in and that is where ktvu's ken pritchett is live with what the demonstrators live. ken. >> well, in short the demonstrators want the president from their perspective to do more than just talk about climate change. they are demanding action. >> climate action now. >> reporter: organizers say about 5,000 people marched on market street, they marched against fracking in california, against
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pipelines and big oil in general, but this rally in san francisco is in support of a much bigger event in washington, d.c., sponsored bit sierra club and other groups. the message is the same there as here in san francisco. aimed at the president. >> president obama, if you are serious about improving climate election missions you need to say no to the xl pipeline. >> reporter: president obama faces a dilemma billed the pipeline and he angers residents. don't billed it and he earnings our neighbors to the north. in his state of andon address the president said that he would take executive action to curb climate change, if necessary, but was quiet on the keystone pipeline. >> if he approved this
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pipeline, it would go counter to his efforts around climate change. >> supervisor john avalos is calling for the san francisco to divest from oil companies and it's says the momentum is with climate change movement, the evidence was billed as the largest ally ever today on the issue. >> reporter: with this rally comes shortly after the state of the union address in which the president talked about climate change, but the protesters say that today's rally was time for presidents' day weekend hoping to get the president's attention. in san francisco, ken pritchett. ktvu channel 2 news. the recent earth fly-byes of an meteor and asteroidam at same time of the united nations meeting on the impact of such events. members of the committee on are meeting this week at un headquarters in vienna of the committee is discussion the impact of "near earth objects," and had a better track and monitor asteroids to avoid serious damage if one hits
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earth. well, a pretty nice weekend. we're wrapping up across the entire bay area. lots of sunshine for today, but as advertised temperatures cooled off on average about 4-8 degrees from yesterday's warm readings. right now we'll look at current numbers of you can see some 60s still out towards fairchild, antioch and livermore. here is the wide are perspective on live stormtrack 2, you notice no rain clouds yet, but i'm tracking a weather system in the pacific and this will be a factor as we head into tomorrow. basically in the form of some clouds and by tuesday, we're talking about some more raindrops pushing back into the region. as far as first thing tomorrow morning it will be dry for monday. some cloud cover, some high clouds and some areas of fog developing first thing. and some mid-30s once again. so you definitely want to bundle up towards santa rosa, napa and san francisco starting out the day at 42 degreesm here we are now with the clear skies. we'll take this into the
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overnight hours and tomorrow morning, lower cloud and some higher clouds at 7:00. the high clouds will continue to filter into the region tomorrow afternoon. notice no rain activity by monday afternoon, but that will be changing into tuesdays a cold weather system moves in, in fact, a cold weather storm. coming up in your weather, how much rainfall you can expect in your neighborhood and how low snow levels will be here in our local hills? thank you, mark. it's presidents' day holiday will be a white one in the sierras. coming up in a few minutes at a5:30 we'll take you to where skiers and snowboarders are already enjoying the snow. the man accused of killing a 13-year-old suisun city girl is scheduled to be arraigned this weekend. jones is charged with the kidnap, rape and murder of genelle conway-allen. jones is due to appear in court on thursday. he is being held without bail and prosecutors say if found guilty jones could be eligible for the death penalty. authorities this petaluma are looking for a person who fired a gun into the air early
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this morning. police say they received reports of shot fires at 12:50 a.m. investigators say a witness saw a passenger in a black lexus sedan with 24" chrome rim tires fire three shots into the air. the car was last seen getting on northbound 101 and anyone with information asked to call petaluma police fred hutchins nascar driver danica patrick became the first woman in history to win the pole position for next sunday's daytona 500. during today's qualifying race patrick posted a lap of more than 196 miles per hour. she will start in the front row in the daytona 500 alongside jeff gordon. ktvu's joe fonzi has more on her time trial coming up in our early edition of sportswrap. >> still to come, the push by bay area educators to get one
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group in particular excited about college. also, the controversial on- line game inspired by ex-lapd officer and accused killer christopher dorner. new developments in the murder investigation involving olympic star oscar pistorius. we hear from his agent for the first time since the athlete's girlfriend was killed. tender sirloin
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. we have new information on a deadly shooting outside of a high school in watsonville over weekend. authorities have identified the victim as 18-year-old marco ortega of watsonville. they say ortega was shot by two men in ought parking lot outside of the high school. the victim was taken to the hospital. police say he was able to give officers some information before he died. investigators say they believe the shooting is gang-related, but have not released any official motive. also in watsonville police say a man fought off an attacker who was attempted to rape his teenaged daughter into the motel laundry room. police say the father walked
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into the laundry room and found the man assaulting his daughter. the girl was not hurt. the father suffer a knee injury and police say the attacker got way. authorities in fresno county say a convicted rapist and son of a highway patrol ceasant chief has been arrested after fleeing carbohydrate allegedly with the help of his father. police say 20-year-old spencer scarber was on the run in mexico for two months. scarber was arrested thursday evening in acapulco. prosecutors say scarber fled the country during his rape trial just three days before a jury found him guilty. scarber's father and two other family members were arrested for lagly helping scarber get away. a new videogame has eking herred on the internet and allowed gamers to live out alleged killer christopher christopher dorner's land stand. the goal of the game is to gun
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down police officers in and around the cabin. for some families the idea of sending a young one to college is a given, but for others it takes a little encouragement. ktvu's an rubin tells us how cal state university officials tried to light a fire under some families by going to church. >> reporter: at oakland's bastist church, today's sermon was special, preaching the importance of a colleague education. a message that resonated with this 13-year-old. >> i want to go to college. i want to pursue my dreams. >> reporter: the hope that other young people will do the same during what is known as supersunday. it pairs representatives from the california state university with african-american churches not to just reach students, but to reach them while they are young. >> it's never too early to start, because it gets harder and harder. >> we get them motivated and
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say they have the opportunity. too many people get discouraged and believe that college isn't for them. >> reporter: cal state east bay president addresses the congregation saying it's important to include parents, grandparents and siblings in the discussion the church officials agree. >> this thing with the schools coming here, this is all a part of a master plan to cultivate leadership in our community. >> reporter: they spent the afternoon handing out information about classes and financial aid and in this 17-year-old can already envision the advantage he will have as a college graduate. >> when you go to work, you have competition and if you have a further degree than somebody you might beat them out for a job. >> reporter: supersunday began eight years ago at 24 churches. it's now expand to include close to 100 churches throughout state. oakland, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. olympic athlete oscar pistorius canceled all of his future races during to his
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murder case in the death of his model girlfriend. pistorius' brother and sister went to visit the double amputee athlete of the so- called blade runner is accused in the valentine shooting of reeva steenkamp inside his apartment. his agent says it's a terrible situation and standing by pistorius, who denies the murder. >> it's a tragic circumstances and events that has unfolded, and we can only give oscar our support at this point in time. >> today pet roaria police found a bloody cricket bat inside the runer's home and say he might have used it to break down the door of the bathroom where steenkamp was hiding or she may have used it in self- defense. investigators claim they have a rock solid case against him. meantime steenkamp's family says her body has arrived in the hometown of port elizabeth and a private funeral is planned for tuesday. the airing of her south african
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reality show is approximating controversy among those who feel it's inappropriate. steenkamp and pistorius were dating since november, but there were rumors among neighbors that steenkamp was killed offer her friend hp with a rugby player. robbie rogerses seen hire scoring against mexico in 2011 said he stayed in closet because of fears his career would be hurt by revealing his sexual orientation. in his website announcement friday rogers hinted he will be retiring from soccer. rogers was a midfielder for the u.s. national team, recently he has been playing in england. social media generally praised rogers for his courage in coming out. president obama teed off with tiger woods today. the white house said the two got together at an exclusive golf club on florida's treasure coast. there is no media coverage of today's event. this is video from a previous outing. president obama is spending a
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long holiday weekend at resort while first lady michelle and their two daughter goes skiing. libya celebrates two years since the end of the gaddafi regime and why the nation's new president says there is still more to be done and a promise he made to militants today. a possible shift in power in syria, the key facilities being attacked by rebels that could give them an advantage against the government. . i pushed him away and that is when he slapped john. >> plus a toddler slapped by a stranger on a plane. but it didn't stop there. we'll hear more from the boy's mother about this attack.
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. celebrations in libya on this the second anniversary are you of the start of the uprising that toppled long time dictator moammar gadhafi. today the president said libyans must resolve their differents to rebuild the nation. since 2011 the country has been wracked by lawlessness and economic he woes. the libyan leader promised that islamic law would be the main source of legislation. in syria rebel forces are focusing their latest assaults on three strategic airports. as nick paton reports that they offer up stark images how fast they fear the assad regime my
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react. >> reporter: around aleapo they can see the key international airport, a hub for cargo planes and artery for what is left of the regime in syria north. it's mainly surrounded by islamist fighters better armed carrying the weapons they took from the army bridged that fled their advance. the battle of the airports, rebels say began tuesday. to aleppo's east, kweiris airport, north is menneg, besieged for week and southeast is nairab, also encircled by rebels. the aim, to deny the regime place as to land fighter jets and supplies in the north. that would be a major victory
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for rebels. the stranglehold around the regime haze downside. it's use of horrifying fire power. this unusually large crater near aleppo rebels say caused by a scud missile fired by the south. rebels caught on tape what one of these ballistic missiles can do. the more the regime feels threatened many fear the more it will respond with savage force. nick paton beirut. >> in iraq a series of car bomb attacks killed people in shi'ite neighborhoods in baghdad. police discovered additional car bombs before they explode. there was no immediate claim of responsibility, but they are thought to be the work of sunni extremists. this are concerns that sunni extremists may step up attacks ahead of provincial
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elections. in pakistan shi'ite muslims talk to the streets to call on the government to do more to protect them from sectarian violence. it comes one day after a bombing at a market killed more than 80 people, most of who were members of minority shi'ite group. a well known sunni militant group claimed responsibility for the attack and that has deepened suspicions among shi'ites that pakistan's intelligence agency are turning a blind eye to the bloodshed or even supporting extremists. a mystery in japan, someone sent a fishing village and that village's port four 24-carat war bars, thought to be worth $250,000. 3,000 people in that village died and 40,000 buildings were lost when the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami hit back in march of 2011. city leaders say the money from those bars will go to rebuild
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the village and port and fish market as well as orthorebuilding effort. senator john mccain had harsh bords for the nominie chuck hagel. >> i don't believe he is qualified, but i don't believe we should hold up his nomination any further because i think it's a rock hill amount of time to have the questions answered. >> mccain conceded that he probably has enough votes to be confirmed despite efforts to delay the nomination. mccain and hagel are former colleagues and previousy rifles until he was nominated for the cabinet spot. mccain opposed hagel because of his opposite to former president bush and his opposite to the irish war. this holiday weekend will be a white one in the sierras. we'll take you to where skiers and snowboarders are enjoying the show. counting down to sequestration and why some lawmakers say those cuts are all, but certain. and what would you do? how this mother reacted to a
5:29 pm
stranger on a plane slapping her plan. you can watch all of our newscasts live and get bay area weather and video of breaking news anytime, anywhere.
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. the latest snowstorm is wining down in the northeast, but high winds continue to blow snow over roads and around buildings. she's are shots from boston where the snow tapered off by mid-afternoon. today's storm added about 5" of new snow on top of that snow from the blizzard last week. it's been a relatively dry ski
5:32 pm
season in the salem-keizer, but that doesn't stop skiers and snowboarders going to the mountains this holiday weekend weekend. >> reporter: skiers and snowboarders packed the slopes despite lack of snowfall in over a week. >> it's wonderful. nice and sunny and it's beautiful. >> reporter: ski resorts say business has been great this holiday weekend. it was a busy day at sugar bowl resorts. >> a lot of people are taking vacations and right now it's excellent weather and as you can see there is a ton of people taking advantage of it. >> as for the lack of new snow? >> our base has stayed nice. we have been able to keep the high going. >> reporter: they say it rivaled the day after christmas as their busy system. >> there is a lot of moisture in the snow and it's held up well. >> reporter: skiers had mixed responses when we asked them about the condition of the snow on the slopes today. >> the snow is really smooth, soft, well-groomed. >> reporter:
5:33 pm
these long time skiers say not so fast. >> tell me about the conditions today? >> they are really not good. >> tell me why? >> it's like icy and kind of slushy. >> reporter: this little one's dad said conditions for learning are just right. >> i have fallen like four times or something. >> reporter: you get back up? >> ye . northeast, thousands of homeowners victimized by super storm sandy are nadal the rebuilding efforts. contractors are midway through restoring this home in island park, new york, but the work will have to stop soon of those homers say they have spent their child's college funds and now are out of cash. they are like thousands of other victims that show proof of re building before they can get insurance payments. >> holding our money it's and
5:34 pm
not fair. >> reporter: major mortgage holders say they distributed 75% of the insurance money dedicated to sentences of that november storm, but some smaller insurers say they have been overwhelmed by the large number of ? in the gun control debate mark kelly and his wife, former congresswoman gabriele girlfriends will continue to fight for new laws. >> we feel there are some things we can do immediately like pass universal background checks and had he is committed to do? >> il says there is momentum to support universal background checks. as president obama spohn spoke in chicago on friday about gun violence and mentioned the quilling of chicagos a 15-year-old hadiya pendleton, another teen in the audience lost her sister to gun violence that very same day. the mother of 18-year-old janay mcfarlane is seen here mourning the death of her daughter. chicago police say they have
5:35 pm
arrested two people in connection with that shooting. in continuing coverage of the looming sequester cuts some in congress say the cuts are all, but guaranteed to start on march 1st. sequestration ration was created in 2011 to first bifart zhan cooperation to cut the deficit, but as jane metzler tells with us less than two week weeks to go, there is little sign of that cooperation. >> reporter: lawmakers have been trying to dodge the self-imposed sequestration for a year and a half, but the march 1st deadline is fast approaching with no deal and the president and congress out of town. >> i believe it's going to take place. >> reporter: sequester would result in roughly $85 billion in automatic cuts from a federal budget this year. $46 billion of that sliced from the pentagon. in addition, to the defense cuts the deadline would mean 10,000 laid-off teachers, a reduction in border patrol agents. $1 billion taken perfect relief
5:36 pm
funds ares for disaster victims and longer waits in airport screening lines of it's even threatening a nationwide meat shortage for furloughs for inspectors. >> it was requested by the president and it was his idea signed into law by h him. >> the president promised in the campaign sequestration would not happen and it's happening. >> he is getting to the $4 trillion target that economists across the country telling you that is needed to stabilize the debt. >> reporter: there are very real fears outside of the beltway that lawmakers can't and won't get a deal conin time. >> for me it's going hurt law enforcement. it's going to hurt the fbi and others. >> reporter: in new york, jane metzler, fox news. in washington the white
5:37 pm
house defended president obama's immigration bill proposal wake-up to congressional efforts. >> we're doing exactly what we said we would do. we'll be prepared in the event that the bipartisan talks going on in the hill which were very aggressive supporting. >> a draft of the president's plan leaked to the media does not wait for increased border security before creating a path to citizen-the bipartisan plan requires improved security first. republicans are upset about the leak, but apparently will continue to work on the bipartisan plan. the fbi is investigating a physical assault on a baby on board a delta flight earlier this month. >> 60-year-old hundley of idaho seen in a mugshot from a previous arrest is facing federal assault charges for allegedly slapping a crying toddler seated nexto him on a delta flight from minneapolis. >> the baby mother says not only did he strike the baby, but said a racial slur. >> he said it again, but even
5:38 pm
more hateful and i pushed him away and that is when he slapped john people saw. >> hundley has been suspended from his job as president of a large aerospace company pending the investigation. hundley's attorney though says his client plans to pled not guilty to the assault charge. work continues on the richmond bridge. tomorrow caltran is scheduled to re-open toll lane no. 3. the lane had been closed while crews install a new automated toll collection system. caltrans says there will be other lane closures op and off through march. track maintenance that got underway on bart will be causing delays on sundays. bart says the work is being done between 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. until march 17th. service between san francisco's 17 street and daly city and some transfers on dublin line will be affected.
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>> redwood city is moving towards a ban on plastic bags and will held a meeting on tuesday. the ban prohibit the distribution of single-use plastic bags by all retailers except restaurants, non-profits and other things like wrapping of produce or meat and newspapers. tuesday's meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on tuesday at the library. the maker of a famous whiskey said that starting tomorrow every bottle of makers mark out of kentucky plant will be a full 90 proof. the bourboon maker started to add a little more water because it was having a tough time keeping up with demand, but that prompted a huge outcry from customers who said they would rather deal way supply shortage than a change in taste. hundreds lace up their running shoes in san francisco's chinatown. the good cause had a brought
5:40 pm
all of these folks out what a beautiful shot of the bay bridge, but rain is on the way. meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us when areas will get the most.
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take a step forward... and chase what matters. . sci-fi fans are around the word are wrapping up the strartek and sci-fi summit in burbank, where stands show their loyalty by dressing up as their famous characters. >> if you like your character on "star trek" and they get to meet you at some of the events and they seem to like you as a person, they will follow your career pretty much for the rest
5:43 pm
your life. it's that kind of loyalty that the actors grow to appreciate. >> at the convention this weekend the seven main cast members of "star trek"'s 202 next generation film "nemesis," were on-hand and others included those from "grimm," and "buffy the vampire slayer." >> mark tamayo here to boldly go where no other meteorologist has gone before. [ laughter ] >> we're about to embark on a strange journey. we'll see what happens. outside right now, clear skies and showing you our live camera out in san francisco. just beautiful. we talked about the cooldown, most areas cool down 4-8 degrees from yesterday's readings burk still nice. talking about 60s and looking at the flag, a little bit of movement there on the right portion of your screen. winds 10-15 miles per hour, but nothing too major. as far as temperatures right now, you can see san francisco has dropped off into the 50s. 54 livermore 62 and san josi
5:44 pm
right now checking in at 58 degrees. here is the latest from the satellite. we do have some activity out to our north and west. not just yet, but this are approaching our coastline first in the form of clouds tomorrow and then eventually some rain showers and snow showers. in fact, we already have winter weather advisories for all of these areas shaded in purple here. this is tuesday until 6:00 p.m.. out towards lake county and for the left slopes of the sierras. we could have snow totals 4-" and maybe a bit more than in in spots. partly cloudy skies tomorrow. tomorrow will be dry for your presidents' day. the extended cool weather pattern tick sticks sticks around. here once again is the big perspective on the satellite. you can see the clear skies up above right now, but an area of low pressure and that cold front and very cold air pushing into the region. a sharp dropoff in temperatures tomorrow. so clouds on the increase for
5:45 pm
your monday. and then we'll take this into tuesday. rain returns forecast totals about .25" for the inland valleys and maybe .75" in the coastal hills. so this is not a major deal, but still a change in the weather pattern. snow levels collapse to 2,000' and the unstable air pushes into the region. we could have snow levels coming down around 2000'. tonight we're in the clear. tomorrow morning some some pasty fog -- patchy fog developed. and then we'll take this into the afternoon hours. an increase in the high clouds by 4:00 p.m. so rain clouds just yet. we'll expand the view and take it into tuesday. tuesday morning just in time for the tuesday morning commute the rainfall making a comeback and into the afternoon hours, 5:00, still some lingering
5:46 pm
scattered showers. with the unstable air, the thunderstorms could have a few pop up thunderstorms approaching the region throughout the day on tuesday and into early wednesday morning. forecast highs for tomorrow, everybody cools off. back down into the 50s for afternoon highs. so month more 70s, no more 60s. warmest locations approaching the mid-to-upper 50s. san josi 57. san mateo 56 and half moon bay in the mid-50s. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast, and here is that rain cloud. there you go into tuesday. especially for the midmorning hours intole early portion of the afternoon. wednesday, breezy and lingering clouds thursday and friday. and the forecast models really backing off your rain chances for next weekend. at least for right now just a slight chance of showers. so heather and ken, we're excited about the rain droops moving into the region tuesday, but it won't be a big deal in terms of accumulation. >> thank you, mark. hundreds celebrated the year of the snake in san
5:47 pm
francisco this morning by going on a run. and they are off. more than a thousand people took over the streets of chinatown for the ywca annual 5k run and walk to fund the y's physical education program that provides programs for children and teens. >> it's a really good way for us to kind of promote wellness. a lot of people are doing it perfect our community and so when we see so many people doing treasa very exciting event. >> if you folks dressed up as the slithery star of the new year, the event is many during the 15-day chinese new year celebration that continues next week in san francisco's chinatown with the big chinatown new year's parade and considered the largest celebrate of asian culture outside of asia, dating back to the 1860's. can you watch it here on ktvu
5:48 pm
saturday, february 23rd. it starts at 6:00 p.m. >> always fun to watch. >> history is made in daytona as danica patrick does something that no woman has ever done in nascar. and a's spring training is in full swing with a lot of players sporting a new look. sportswrap is next. mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system,
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she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive
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laysha. good evening everyone and welcome to this early sunday night edition of sportswrap as the spring training camp opens in arizona the giants will rightfully get the attention that they deserve, but let us not forget the oakland a's, who are coming off a pretty impressive season to win the al west on the final day of the
5:51 pm
season. the a's have to be in a pretty good mood as they report to camp in phoenix. fred inglis joins us live from phoenix, with this team, i guess, fred a light mood always prevails. >> reporter: yeah, joe, a's outfield josh reddick told me today last year's team was loosey-goosey and it appears that that attitude already carried over into this spring. the defending american league west division champions looked relax for today's first full teamworkout in phoenix. some new additions figure to may a prominent role, but a number of returning characters will mix highlights with hijink and they started to work on team chemistry in a rather unusual way. >> i think we have a bunch of guys growing beards. it's kind of nice. i thought i would be one of the few and sure seven, eight guys have beards. >> it's a nice beard, but it's
5:52 pm
not a josh reddick beard. >> it's better than josh reddick's baird. that is nasty are c'mon. this is a professional, i have been growing it more than six months' beard. >> reporter: what is the motivation? >> i want hunting with brandon moss and after that i thought i was a huntsman and let it go. >> all of those guys are pretty proud of their beards, which is really cool. mine won't grow that well. >> reporter: i understand you were the instigator of this whole ward? >> i don't know if i'm the instigator. i had a beard all year last year, and i don't know, i guess -- . >> reporter: it was the inspiration? >> i don't know about that. i don't want to take credit with that. we're having a good time with it. darn near everyone in the clubhouse is grow a beard and we'll see chaps. >> reporter: is it one more unifying factor? >> sure,
5:53 pm
why shouldn't it be. >> reporter: anybody playing you to grow that? >> i might have to mention that to lou wolf to pay me to keep it up. >> reporter: i remind him that in the '70s the owner charlie findlay paid his players to grow moustaches. lou said he wasn't buying any of that, but won't make any of them shave because after all he says we have a tarp up there and a lot of people don't like that either, but that staying on, too. and know what, joe? a lot of people understand that the a's are not expected to repeat as west division leaders and that just suits this team just right. reporting live in phoenix, fred inglis, ktvu channel 2 news. more than a week of pre- daytona 500 events are undera and no matter what, it would be
5:54 pm
a history-maker. today danica patrick went out 8 in qualifying today and post and average speed of 196.4 miles per hour. 37 drivers after her tried to better that time, but no one could. that means that patrick will be the first woman in daytona 500 history to start on the pole. only jeff gordon got close, but he was fractions of a second behind. other 42 starting positions will be decided later in the week. patrick sounds like she is where she one day expected to be. >> i was brought up to be the fastest driver, not the fastest girl. so i feel that was instilled into me from very young and lucky enough to make history and the first woman to do many things. you know, i really just hope that i don't stop doing that. i mean, we have a lot more history to make, and we are excited to do it. >> the cal bears tonight have a chance to move up a notch in the pac-12 standings and will
5:55 pm
try for a weekend sweep of the southern california schools schools when they host usc. the trojans were dress ed in pink for breast cancer awareness. laisha clarendon led cal with 22. she does it all herself on this hoop. 6th-ranked bears win and they are 2-3 overall, tied with stanford at the top of the conference at 13-1. more pink at ucla's pauley pavilion are stanford played today. just another day at the office for the 4th-ranked cardinals. stanford led by 5 at the half. the cardinal wore the bruins down in the second half. the cardinals 68-57 winner and now 24-2 overall and like cal, 13-1 in
5:56 pm
the conference. playoffs needed to decide today's winner on the pga golf tour. we'll show you how that ended. highlights from san josi when we return.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
. milos raonic in the far court taking on tommy haas in the finals and trying to win this event for the third straight year. story of the match was aces. raonic with 19 of them and fire a 144 miles per hour serve for an ace on the first ball he hit all day. at match point raonic made it a perfect run in san josi of he has never left in 12 matches and becomes the first player to win this event to win for the
5:59 pm
third time in years. in golf's northern trust open. charlie beljan with the pressure birdie putt and a 3- way tie at the top. jacobson couldn't close the deal and was left behind. merrick and beljan evening and then merrick for the par. beljan doesn't make it out of rough cleanly:he needed to make a pa putt and keep the playoff going. the miss clinches it for merrick who grew up in southern california watching the l.a. open and has now won on the fabled rivera course. we leave you tonight with the passing of a bay area icon.


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